Featured Story From A Reader – An Angel on The Way



I wish I could talk to her for some more time. I wanted to know her name, wanted to know what does she do.. I am talking about a beautiful girl I met on bus stop while returning back from a lunch meet with my Yoga buddies.

My friends and I have always had lots of fun , but I still find myself a misfit when I go in groups, small or big, I always get stressed out while deciding upon what to wear , what to eat, how will I come back ? I don’t know why but I have been like this ever since I remember going out with family in childhood. I cant put on make up or be very stylish for some unknown reason..

Okay.. So coming back to that girl.. When I was returning and waiting for bus, that girl asked me to check a setting in her phone. I couldn’t unlock the phone and she said, “Swipe with two fingers keeping some gap in between ” and it was unlocked. Then she told me to go in settings, one by one she told me each and every option plus additional settings options as well…. I was speechless. Do you know why ? Because that girl couldn’t see… I would never call her blind because the way she carried confidence in herself was more than anyone who can see this world. I asked her a few questions like – ‘do u travel everyday ?’ She said YES ! She had NO fear.. NO hesitation about anything around her. She was like any other college girl. She was so Stylish.. she can’t see herself in the mirror but she KNOWS she is Beautiful. She KNOWS she CAN travel alone in Mumbai without having physical eyesight.

She inspired me to be myself. Be myself the way I am. She encouraged me to be a lonely but confident traveler. She made me thank everything I have. She made me feel grateful for being able to see her.

Her bus came and I couldn’t ask her name but if I have to describe her I will call her ” SELF CONFIDENCE PERSONIFIED “…a timely sent guide from the universe to show me the way.

By Tejal Shukla

Tejal Shukla is a Yoga Instructor, Writer and a Mother of a wonderful 9 year old son

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