This Week’s Positive Tarot Message

Today I took a reading for the world and here is the message for all of us (totally random selection of cards – you can see the positivity for yourself..)

Card 1: 6 of wands


This card represents victory and success and I see it as a sign of victory against terror and a strong sign that we are indeed about to succeed in protecting each other and standing strong as one world. Strong leadership will guide the way.

Card 2: 10 of Pentacles


This is a card of financial wealth and legacy. I see in this more business success and a boost to the world economy. This leads to profitability and job creation paving the way to future prosperity for generations to come.

Card 3: The Lovers


This is a card of choices and a need to review our relationship with each other. I see in this card a sign that we are recognising the higher messages brought to us everyday through the spiritual plane, and now are attempting to be more kind and compassionate towards each other. Peace talks, negotiations, partnerships across the world will be in focus.

To make the best of this reading for yourself, visualise the positive messages shown in the cards in the form of more success, prosperity and love in your life starting right now. Strongly imagine that not only you but the entire world is being benefited by these energies. The more you share these good vibes, the more they amplify in your own life.


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca

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