Indian Bureaucrat sings songs to stop farmer suicides

Aurangabad Region in Maharashtra has found a beacon of happiness in Vijaykumar Phad. A Deputy Divisional Commissioner (general administration) posted in Aurangabad Divisional Commissioner, this Bureaucrat dons a Dhoti-Kurta, carries a Veena and frequents those villages in Maharashtra where the farmer suicides are very high.

On non-working days and after work hours, he sings Kirtans(devotional songs) and conducts sermons with moral lessons and messages to raise the hopes of the villagers, so they divert their attention from problems and suicidal thoughts. He also conducts free counseling sessions for them to help them gain catharsis and renew their passion for life & farming.

Vijaykumar Phad’s parents are farmers and this project brings him joy – personally as well as professionally. Currently he has visited more than 25 villages and there is an increasing demand for his Sermons and Satsangs out of popularity through word-of-mouth and also curiosity among the people. Kudos to the selfless spirit of this man and the encouraging energy he’s creating for farmers in Maharashtra.

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