The Power of Abundance Cheques

Abundance is more than just prosperity or money, its an energy of infinite happiness and success, love, health and all good things. Abundance is freely flowing and constantly available to all of us and by sharing it it does not reduce, infact it keeps growing eternally.

Abundance cheques are tools we can use to tap into this amazing abundance in our lives. Surprisingly, you really don’t even need to believe that the cheque will work when you write it!

You will however be amazed at the results as you will see increased abundance in your life in various life areas. It is not always financial, but it can be financial too or any other area of your life that requires positive energy.

blank-cheque1Take the cheque print out and cut it out so it looks like a realistic cheque.

Where it says “Pay to,” write your name.

In the date is ‘now and forever’ and in the little box in the space where you would fill in a currency and amount in numbers is ‘the infinity symbol’ to indicate that you always have sufficient, in every currency you need, at any and every time

On the line underneath your name is Infinite Abundance to indicate there are no limits to how much you can receive and that only positive energy is sent to you unlimitely from the universe.

The cheque is signed Infinite Universe. The entire universe is connected to you eternally and is giving you this cheque right now.

Put this cheque in a safe place and do not worry about anything again for the Universe will take it from here.


If you enjoy this exercise and find it beneficial, why not share it with everyone? Try printing this cheque for everyone next time.

Also do not forget to repeat wealth affirmations such as:

1) I am a money magnet!

2) Money works for me and I am it’s master!

3) I give and I receive infinitely

4) I believe in financial miracles

5) Creating wealth is fun and exciting

6) I have more than enough in this world

7) I bump into successful people all the time

8) My bank account grows day after day after day

9) I reward myself for my hard work

10) I attract money effortlessly all the time


May you receive, share and spread abundance today and everyday!

For The Positive Media

Deesha Kriplani

Deesha Kriplani is a professional content editor and a spiritual healer with a knack for creative entrepreneurship. Her personal blog is

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