Waxing Moon: Time for Growth

positive media waxing moon

The Moon is the celestial body that represents our inner mind with both conscious and subconscious sides. The hidden side of the moon represents our hidden self or unconscious while the illuminated moon represents knowing ourself. The moon goes from totally hidden (new moon or no moon) to fully illuminated (full moon or purnima) and then back to no moon in its cycle with two basic phases.

The phase of increasing illumination of the moon (new moon to full moon) is called Waxing Moon. This time period is symbolic of growth or increase. the phase of reducing illumination of the moon (full moon to no moon)is called Waning Moon.

How to Use this Astrological Symbolism Positively

Everything in astrology can be used positively through an application of our inner power or self-belief. To manifest positive using the Waxing Moon symbolism, focus upon things that you want more of. You could focus mentally and emotionally on increasing prosperity, increasing your connections, increasing health and wellbeing, attracting more success or increasing your happiness levels at a personal level.

We can also perform group healing to increase happiness, peace, prosperity and wellbeing of our families, groups, communities, nations or our world by focusing upon more of what you wish to increase in your life during this phase.

Writing down positive goals or intentions can be a simple way to focus your mind clearly. Saying positive affirmations or positive statements can be another. You can also perform simple rituals such as lighting incense, burning candles, sprinkling positive herbs or placing beautiful natural crystals around with your intention in mind. Also you can use creative visualisation to amplify positive energy. There are innumerable ways to focus upon something positive. Choose your way and let it be phenomenally positive.



Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca

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