Positive News Today

Good news pouring in from around the world again:

An internet crowd-funding campaign helped people raise over 125000 USD for refugee Halim al-Attar who was pictured selling pens in the scorching heat with his daughter sleeping over his shoulders in the streets of Beirut. The result – now he has multiple businesses and employs many others – truly a news that should inspire us to help all those who struggled similarly!

Syrian refugee who sold pens to feed his kids now owns three businesses and employs asylum seekers


Thanks to reduction in coal use, especially in China, carbon emission and air pollution are likely to fall now according to a study published in Nature Climate Change Journal. Would India care to be next in reducing harmful emissions? http://www.earth-syst-sci-data.net/7/349/2015/essd-7-349-2015.html



Conservationists are trying to protect Sumatran rhinoceros from extinction as they encourage ‘protection zone’ and anti-poaching efforts in Indonesia.



In a boost to women’s safety in India, angel investors have helped Delhi technology students raise over 125000 USD for a start-up that has developed ‘Safer’ a range of protective smart jewellery for women that can be used to trigger alarms and send signals in case of any emergencies. Similarly Indian Railways has launched a safety mobile app service for women to easily call for immediate protection.




Stay tuned in for more good news – share and manifest more of it. The more you share and look for good news, the more the universe starts creating it!




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