Three Golden Rules of Manifesting Prosperity

Like everything else money and prosperity are also energies that we can work with and manifest more of using spiritual principles.

Stack Of Cash
Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.

Here are some golden rules to start with:

  1. Do not worry about money. Money is an abundant resource and there is enough for everyone and for all times. The only reason everyone did not have enough was due to lack of awareness. They simply did not know how to ‘channel’ this energy called money. Now you do. And the first rule is – do not worry about it, just allow it to come to you. Just say to yourself, you have it, its all coming right now to you…know that you are creating it as you believe it. You will soon see that from somewhere you will somehow attract just what you need and perhaps much more than you thought.
  2. Do not fear money. Some people have been blocking money from their life because while they ‘wanted’ it they also ‘feared’ it in some or the other way. They either unconsciously or consciously said no to money because they felt they will appear ‘bad’, ‘greedy’ or ‘money-minded’, or because they were afraid that money would corrupt them or be the root of evil, jealousies, envy or superiority complexes. When you begin shedding these fears and start believing in the truth about money – that it is simply an energy and it is upto you to use it wisely to create and share abundance all around, you have started attracting more money.
  3.  Have a good plan, a worthy project,a cause or a positive intention to apply your money into. Money is the means and not the end to your dreams or goals. It can only be a help or aid in furthering your intention. So in case you have not thought of how you will apply the energy of money in the best possible and most positive way in your life, its a pretty good idea to start chalking a plan out. Whether it is a business, a charity, a project or creative venture, you will need to be friends with money and work with this energy for the best possible effect. So, think big and feel positive – then go ahead and start working on it with all the passion and drive you have in your heart.

All the best!


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and founder of Global Wicca

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